The World's First Dynamic Pixel Screen Disposable

FlipTip HD

1 Device, 2 Flavors!

FlipTip Ultra

The Ultimate Vape Experience


Small, But Powerful!



We kept pushing our boundaries to see every possibilities in the new products we design and we never fear exploring every potential innovations that could be presented to all vapers. 

Absolutely one of the pods we can give it true credits.

- Fumb Duck

The throat hit on this device is amazing. It’s got a really nice smooth draw. Every customer came back and bought it again!

- The Smoke Don

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Does Vaping Cause Tonsil Stones

Does Vaping Cause Tonsil Stones

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How Do Vaping Devices Work?

How Do Vaping Devices Work?

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How Long Does Nicotine Stay In Your System

How Long Does Nicotine Stay In Your System

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